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楊昊宇 Haoyu Yang (Anthony Haynes) is founder and director of Clear Water Academy 一清社 and is a final year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh's School of Divinity, having previously received his masters degree in philosophy at the University of St. Andrews. He has tutored the 'Atheism in Debate', 'Ethics & Society' and 'God in Philosophy' modules at the University of Edinburgh and is an experienced private tutor, having tutored postgraduate students at masters and PhD level in theology (see below for student reviews). He also provides classes for the general public, having given an introduction to Buddhist thought and practice at Firhill High School, Edinburgh, in June 2016, an introduction to Taoist philosophy and meditation at Portobello High School in June 2017 and philosophy and meditation classes for students at Clear Water Academy 一清社, including The Way of Emptiness 皆空之道 in June 2017. Haoyu's publications include 'Jacques Maritain’s Definition of Art’, New Blackfriars, (2015) and 'Jacques Maritain’s Ethics of Art’, New Blackfriars (2016). 


Philosophy Tuition in Edinburgh & Online

Whether it's for your studies or your personal journey, we provide reliable, professional philosophy tuition that you can rely on to expand your horizons. We offer tuition in both Western and Eastern philosophy, including philosophy of religion, with flexible programmes and scheduling.  Classes can be held at our school office in Edinburgh, which is equipped with teaching facilities, a small philosophy library and a study space or online via Skype. Individual sessions and courses may be booked by contacting us at enquiries@clearwateracademy.net. Our 10-hour philosophy courses include:

'Knowledge and Reality East and West' (KREW)*
'The Way of Taoism'
'Zen Buddhism from China to Japan'
'The Philosophy of Intuition'
'Classical Philosophy: Greece and China Compared'
'Mysticism and Sanctity in Christianity and Buddhism'
'Liberation: Christianity & Mahayana Buddhism'
'Meaning and Morality from Jesus to Sartre' (MMJS)**
'An Introduction to Christian Philosophy'
'The God Question: Belief and Unbelief from Plato to Richard Dawkins'
'The Problem of Evil and Suffering: Can a Good God Exist?'
'Catholic Philosophy from Thomas Aquinas to John Paul II'
'The Philosophy of Art: Artist and Artwork'

Courses are available privately and for up to 3 students and consist of both lectures and seminars on selected texts and topics. For enquiries email us at enquiries@clearwateracademy.net or call us on +44 (0)7803 567595. For details and testimonies about our instructor, Anthony Haynes ( 楊昊宇 Haoyu Yang), see below. 

*Programme consisting of three 10-hour courses, covering classical, medieval and modern philosophy respectively.
** Programme consisting of three 10-hour courses, covering biblical, early Christian and medieval thought as well as early modern and modern philosophy up to French existentialism.


Student Reviews

'I attended Anthony´s session on Taoism. It was brilliant. He introduced a very complex theme in a very grounded way. He did it through a nice mixture of telling about what Taoism is/has been and hands on meditation. I am looking forward to more on Taoism from Clear Water Academy.'
- Svend-Erik Engh, on The Way of Taoism 道家之道 (30th September 2017)

'The Philosophy of Intuition was easily one of the most interesting lectures I've attended. The teacher, Anthony, gave us a look at what intuition is and how it is understood in the East and West. I found this introduction fascinating and it has made me want to study the topic more in depth. I would highly recommend both the talk and the teacher.'

 - Mark Laidlaw, on The Philosophy of Intuition (9th September 2017)

'I attended a seminar on "The Philosophy of Intuition" led by Anthony. He took us through a range of different concepts and understandings of how we begin to understand "intuition". Spanning a range of Eastern and Western thinkers, philosophies, artists - he was able to begin a fruitful discussion of what intuition is, as a skill that can be (re)learned. We also rounded off our seminar with a guided meditation on intuition. Let me know when you'll run the second seminar!'
- Gabriela Machado, on The Philosophy of Intuition (9th September 2017)

'I was at Clear Water Academy for the "Way of Emptiness" seminar with Anthony and let me just say that it was an eye opening experience. I just might start my path into philosophy!! Great seminar with a great tutor. I highly recommend.'

- Tânia Nazaré, on The Way of Emptiness, (29th July 2017)

'Anthony visited my higher RMPS class last year to deliver a meditation session in preparation for a course on Buddhism. This year, I enlisted his great mind to teach meditation to kids with a variety of mental health issues. He dealt with this opportunity sensitively and prepared carefully beforehand, connecting with students on a personal level, making it a worthwhile experience for all.'

- Daniela Machado, Religious Education Department, Portobello High School

'I recently attended the 'The Way of Emptiness' talk led by Anthony Haynes. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking session. Anthony has a light-hearted and accessible teaching style that really helps make the incomprehensible comprehensible! Highly recommended!'
- Clare Cassells, on The Way of Emptiness (10th June 2017)

'My first visit to Clear Water Academy was for the course 'The Way of Emptiness'. This was a really interesting afternoon spent with Anthony Haynes. He was a great tutor, presenting the topic in a clear, easy and fun way which was easy to understand (which was a very tough job considering the topic!) It was really interesting to hear definitions of emptiness from other places other than the Tibetan Buddhist side which I was already familiar with. I found this to be a very beneficial course and would highly recommend both the course and Anthony as a teacher and I look forward to attending the Academy for further teachings.'
- Mark Laidlaw, on The Way of Emptiness (10th June 2017)

Anthony Haynes is the best private tutor and proofreader I have ever had. He is an expert at proofreading with lots of experience. He has lots of knowledge not only about Western philosophy but also Eastern philosophy. His knowledge about Taoism has been helpful as he has provided constructive criticism and suggested revisions of my work. Anthony is also a kind and caring person who can get along with everybody. I strongly recommend him as a tutor and proofreader.'
- Jaeho Jang, PhD in Science & Religion, University of Edinburgh (January 2015 - Present)

'Anthony Haynes (Haoyu Yang) was my tutor for the God in Philosophy course. He was one of the best seminar leaders I had in my first year, managing to engage everyone in the discussion and make the course content seem interesting and easy to learn. I enjoyed every seminar in this course due to this, as well as due to the relaxed and casual atmosphere he created.

'I would definitely encourage anyone to considering tutoring from him as he makes learning about even the most complex things fun and understandable.'
- Lydia Bell, MA in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh ('God in Philosophy' module, January 2017 - April 2017)

'Last year Anthony tutored me in my Ethics and Society module. In most tutorials at university, there is mostly one constant speaker, this is either because it is their presentation week, or they are confident in speaking and debating about the topics. However, Anthony organised the classes in a way that everyone would try make contribution to the debate that we were studying in that week. This I found especially important, as it helped increase my confidence in contributing in class. When it came to writing the essay for this course Anthony was more than happy to look at my essay plan and answer any questions about the essay that I was unsure about. As a student with dyslexia, this was vital for me. I would therefore encourage anyone who wants to be tutored in philosophy or theology to definitely consider being tutored by Anthony.'
- Katy Welford, MA in Philosophy & Theology, University of Edinburgh ('Ethics & Society' module, January 2016 - April 2016)

'Anthony is incredibly knowledgable in a wide variety of philosophical positions and theories. Having had him as a tutor during a course called Atheism in Debate, he was able to easily switch between giving concise information on a topic and facilitating a conversation or debate in it. Throughout the entirety of the course there was never an aspect that he was unfamiliar with nor a question he was unable to answer. The seminars were always very engaging and he introduced new ways of learning about the topics beyond the lecturing and discussion normally associated with seminars. I couldn't recommend a more adept and better equipped tutor to be taught philosophy from.'
- Isaac Henderson, MA in Religious Studies, University of Edinburgh ('Atheism in Debate' module, October 2015 - December 2015)

'Anthony was the tutor of my seminar group during the 'Atheism in debate' programme at Edinburgh University. Offering a lot of room for everyone to speak, he really helped that group of first year students open up and voice their opinions, which led to some very interesting discussions. In my opinion Anthony is a tutor who will help you find the answer yourself instead of dictating it to you. Outside of the tutorials I greatly appreciated his help when it came to essay writing. I was happy to consult his experience and knowledge to help me make sense of my essay question. In conclusion: Anthony is a great guy, with plenty experience in philosophy and I would highly recommend him as a tutor.'
- Steyn van Leeuwen, BA in Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, University of Utrecht

'As a student in the MSc Science & Religion programme at New College, Anthony’s help was invaluable. Not only did he provide excellent academic guidance in the 7 months of his tutelage, he also encouraged and supported me personally through the intensive process. His philosophy background brought fresh insight and opened new doors of understanding. His teaching proved to be a benchmark during the thesis project and in further academic study.

'Anthony is congenial to work with, has a great sense of humor—which helped during intense study moments—and the willingness to go the distance in helping a person achieve their study goals. He is extremely forbearing with tutor scheduling, adaptation to classwork, and personal timeframes. His tuition fees are fair, especially in light of the high level of teaching he provides.

Anthony provides excellent scholarship and will be a benefit to anyone who would like to academically succeed.'
- Bonnie Wolfman, MSc Science & Religion Programme, University of Edinburgh (February 2015 - August 2015)

'Anthony Haynes is an excellent tutor and proofreader with expertise in philosophy and theology. His extensive knowledge was a great help when I was studying in the Master's program at the University of Edinburgh. Anthony not only was kind and humorous, but also had a strong sense of responsibility for what was entrusted to him, so I was able to enjoy communicating with and getting excellent tutoring and proofread essays from him. I am confident that if you choose him as your private tutor and proofreader, you will definitely get satisfactory results.'
- Hakbong Kim, MA in Systematic Theology, University of Edinburgh