Mandarin Programmes for April - June 2017

Begins: Tuesday 25th April 2017
Location: Edinburgh Language Centre, 62 - 66 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LR
Programme duration: 10 weeks
Days & Times: Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Programme fee: £120 payable via Paypal
Includes all course materials, a Chinese tea ceremony, online support, £40 members discount on all courses, and members only events. £80 for Academy members and continuing students.

Intermediate & advanced classes available privately upon request


Programme Descriptions

With native instructors from Taiwan, we offer the finest Mandarin tuition available in Edinburgh. Learn traditional characters, enjoy a Chinese tea ceremony, and receive our unique course textbook lovingly created together with our partners in Edinburgh and California at no extra cost. Students will receive a welcome pack at the start of the course and enjoy school member benefits: access to our online support system for help on homework or subjects covered in class, £40 member's discount on all our courses from languages to tai chi, and members-only events including a Chinese tea ceremony (工夫茶) with Edinburgh-based Taiwanese tea expert TeaWon. We offer additional traditional Chinese character writing classes for those wanting to improve upon their writing skills in Mandarin or Cantonese. Writing classes are offered privately in blocks of 2 hours and are arranged with between the school and the student for their convenience. Students will learn stroke order, the rule of character balance and spacing, and punctuation.

Why Traditional Chinese Characters?

Given we're passionate about traditional Chinese culture, we have decided to teach students traditional Chinese characters (fántǐzì 繁體字) beginning this coming term. Traditional fántǐzì characters sometimes look complex, but they are universally acknowledged to be absolutely beautiful and well worth the effort in learning to read and write them. They also retain the subtle meanings that are well known to have been lost in simplified Chinese characters (jiǎntǐzì 简化字). So traditional characters open up a new world for those, who like us, love the best of East Asian culture. Traditional characters are used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and are still used by many millions in China and the international Chinese community - especially in poetry, literature, calligraphy and spirituality. It is generally agreed that it is easier to learn simplified characters after having learned traditional characters than it is the other way around. That said, around 80% of the characters are exactly the same. So wherever you'll be reading Mandarin, you'll be equipped with the necessary tools.

Beginners 1.1

Our 1.1 Beginners programme is for anyone who wishes to start Mandarin without previous knowledge. In the weekly hour session, our teacher will guide you through your first steps in speaking, listening, reading and writing the language. With communication practice and an introduction to Taiwanese culture, learners will receive a holistic understanding of Mandarin. Learners will be introduced to phonetics and the pinyin system, as well as basic Chinese characters, and will be able to construct basic statements and questions, offering simple greetings and introduce themselves. Students will be taught traditional (fántǐzì繁體字) Chinese characters as are used today in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Students will be offered the opportunity to participate in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony on week 4.

Beginners 1.2

Our 1.1 Beginners programme is for continuing students. Students will be guided in conversation about topics such as sports, dressing, travelling,  employing an extended vocabulary. At the end of the programme, students will be able to ask and express opinions in a basic manner, to describe a series of activities sequentially, using ‘首先’, ‘然後’, ‘最後’ and to talk about past experiences. Students will be offered the opportunity to participate in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony on week 3. 



Enjoy first-class tuition with online support outside of class and members only events.

Our Instructor: Chiawei Wang

Employment & Professional Experience

- Chinese Language Instructor, Tutor Ming, Feb 2017 — present
- Translator (English-Mandarin) for Leiden University on Coursera, Sept 2015 — present
- Research Assistant, Academia Sinica, Apr 2015 — July 2016
- Chinese Language Instructor, National Taiwan University, June — Aug 2014
- Adjunct Lecturer, Hsuan Chuang University, Oct 2013 — July 2014
- English Language Instructor, Infinite Rule Education Centre, May 2012 — Apr 2013
- Teaching Assistant, Fu Jen Catholic University, Sept 2009 — July 2011

Teaching Certificates

-Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan University, Mar 2014


Beginners Mandarin (April - June)