Chinese Calligraphy Taster Sessions

Dates: 1st July & 22nd July 2017
Days & Times: Saturday 2pm – 4pm
Location: Clear Water Academy 一清社, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB
Class duration: 2 hours
Course fee: £25 payable via PayPal (includes course materials) FREE if you are a student enrolled on our Chinese language programmes.

Limited to 5 students only.
Students are not required to know the Chinese language.


 Course Description

Following the previous successes of our Chinese calligraphy classes, we're delighted to offer these summer-time taster sessions in Chinese calligraphy for beginners with Meng-Chieh Lu, an independent Taiwanese artist and designer resident in Scotland. During these taster sessions, designed for absolute beginners, you will create your own artworks by learning the basic skills of this traditional art in Clerical Style (Li Shu 隸書), as well as gain an understanding of the cultural roots of Chinese calligraphy. Li Shu is a traditional artistic writing style dating back 2000 years and is still widely used in signage and posters nowadays and suitable for beginners.


Enrol on our Chinese language programme and enjoy first-class tuition with online support outside of class, Academy Member's discount on all courses and all Chinese calligraphy and painting workshops for free.


Meng-Chieh Lu

Meng-Chieh Lu is a Taiwanese artist and designer, having completed her Master of Art degree at the University of Edinburgh's College of Art in 2015. Meng-Chieh has learned and practiced Chinese calligraphy for over 15 years. Her calligraphy competencies are including Li Shu ( 隸書 ), Kai Shu (楷書) and Xing Shu (行書). You can view some of her works at her website:

Chinese Calligraphy Taster Sessions (July)