Haoyu Yang (Anthony Haynes) is an experienced academic proofreader, having proofread essays, dissertations and PhD theses for students at master's and PhD level (see student reviews below). He is happy to proofread essays, articles, help with job interviews in English, and provide tutoring in philosophy and theology. For quotes and scheduling, please send a message via Facebook(楊昊宇)or this website (Contact Us).  To see reviews continue reading.
楊昊宇 (Anthony Haynes) 是一位有經驗的導師和校對員,有為博士生和碩士生提供過校對服務。 他很樂意幫助大家論文上,散文上和博士論文上的問題,工作面試, 並提供英語,哲學和神學的校對和輔導組合。 對於報價和時間表,可以在FB(楊昊宇)或這個網站(Contact Us)上發送信息。為了看一些證明繼續參閱 :


Reviews / 證明

Anthony is a hard working proofreader. Though we have some technical issue during the proofreading period, he still complete the proofreading on time which is really impressive. Apart from the proofreading, he will give you some helpful thoughts for the writing and some useful tips in writing. I highly recommend him. 
- Wan-Tzu Lin, MSc, Marketing, Oxford-Brookes University (27/3/18)

'Very professional proofreading, he will put a load of effort to understand whatever your subject about and express it with his perfect academic english writing. Highly recommending to everyone not 100% confident about academic writing in english.'
- Alvin Huang, MSc, Medical Biotechnology and Business Management, University of Warwick (29/08/17)

'I was lucky that I got a great proofreader to help with my dissertation. Anthony is an expert at proofreading with an excellent English proficiency (Well...I suppose not all of the English speakers have great language proficiency). It doesn't matter whether he has as same academic background as you, he is still able to provide good quality proofreading. So, try it!'
- Ya-Chen Chiu, MSc, Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management, University of Warwick (13/08/17)

'Anthony(昊宇) 是專業的proofreader,他直接與客戶線上修改,他會願意與你溝通並了解原意,再轉化成正確的英文用語,讓文件讀起來更順暢,推薦!!!
Anthony is a professional proofreader. He will discuss with you to understand your original meaning and topic, then turn into professional academic writing. Highly recommend'
- Linda Ko, MSc, Marketing & Strategy, University of Warwick (10/09/17)

Anthony Haynes is the best private tutor and proofreader I have ever had. He is an expert at proofreading with lots of experience. He has lots of knowledge not only about Western philosophy but also Eastern philosophy. His knowledge about Taoism has been helpful as he has provided constructive criticism and suggested revisions of my work. Anthony is also a kind and caring person who can get along with everybody. I strongly recommend him as a tutor and proofreader.'
- Jaeho Jang, PhD in Science & Religion, University of Edinburgh (January 2015 - Present)

'As a student in the MSc Science & Religion programme at New College, Anthony’s help was invaluable. Not only did he provide excellent academic guidance in the 7 months of his tutelage, he also encouraged and supported me personally through the intensive process. His philosophy background brought fresh insight and opened new doors of understanding. His teaching proved to be a benchmark during the thesis project and in further academic study. 

'Anthony is congenial to work with, has a great sense of humor—which helped during intense study moments—and the willingness to go the distance in helping a person achieve their study goals. He is extremely forbearing with tutor scheduling, adaptation to classwork, and personal timeframes. His tuition fees are fair, especially in light of the high level of teaching he provides.

Anthony provides excellent scholarship and will be a benefit to anyone who would like to academically succeed.'
- Bonnie Wolfman, MSc Science & Religion Programme, University of Edinburgh (February 2015 - August 2015)

'Anthony Haynes is an excellent tutor and proofreader with expertise in philosophy and theology. His extensive knowledge was a great help when I was studying in the Master's program at the University of Edinburgh. Anthony not only was kind and humorous, but also had a strong sense of responsibility for what was entrusted to him, so I was able to enjoy communicating with and getting excellent tutoring and proofread essays from him. I am confident that if you choose him as your private tutor and proofreader, you will definitely get satisfactory results.'
- Hakbong Kim, MA in Systematic Theology, University of Edinburgh